Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Halloween Wreath for AlteredPages Design Team!

I am so excited about Halloween. I don’t really do much for the day but love to make fun stuff to enjoy it. I love using stuff that normally would have been thrown away. Yes my husband is always chiding me about my hoarder ways. I saw this “craft” paper packing and how to save it for something..It worked fabulously with this project. I want to remind all that there is no glue holding the paper to the wire. I used only the chalk paint to make it stay. It is very sturdy. I love all of the great supplies that AlteredPages has. These items help my imagination soar. I also found by using the little Pots I am more organized…FEAR, FEAR of organization…that really scares me. I hope you enjoy my post!




Supply list:

Wire Hanger
Craft paper or newpaper cut into squares 5 x 5
Paper plate or tray for painting
Brushes (one for painting and a toothbrush for splattering)
Metallic paint (on hand)
gloves (optional)
Tacky glue (on hand)
Collage Sheets:

Please visit

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Altered Mobile

I am so delighted to share my latest altered project! I love mobiles and that is what I made. I actually used the shipping envelope from my Stencil1 stencil! I have to tell you that we have had rain, rain and more rain! So I was unable to show you my mobile in its outdoors home.  But as soon as I can I will update my post with a photo of it in its place of honor!


I am very happy to share my video with you!




Stencil1: Nature Damask


Redoute II

Redoute III


Mod Podge (on Hand)

Ribbon (on Hand)

Marker Airbrush and Sharpies (on Hand)


You have one more day to play along.  Stencil 1 will provide a FAB stencil and Altered Pages will provide a package of tools! SHARE the Altered Pages blog posts daily on YOUR Facebook page for the monthly random drawing. Include ‪#‎alteredpages‬ in your post. Drawing on May 1, 2015. More you share more chances to win!


Stay tuned each day and get ready for a giveaway!   Stencil 1 will provide a FAB stencil and AlteredPages will provide a package of tools!

SHARE our blog posts daily on YOUR Facebook page for the random drawing.  Include #alteredpages

in your post.

  Drawing on May 1, 2015.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Using Rubber Cement as a mask (frisket) for the eBrush!

So often, like many of you, I use smaller images for my projects. It is hard to cover them to retain color or prevent color from infiltrating in. Well old school methods really work! I use rubber cement put on with a very tiny brush or toothpick with tip crushed. Now make sure that you spread to the edge of your stamped image or color might bleed. Also don’t over-spray near the edge or the color might wick into the paper under the cement.


Next spray your image carefully not to linger long on the edges of the rubber cement. I love using Spectrum Noir markers on my images!


Next comes the reveal! Using a rubber cement pick up (glue runner eraser) I remove gently the rubber cement. It doesn't lift the paper.


Here is my “cleaned image”. Using some techniques to mask areas can really lead to fun and not feeling overwhelmed when image working.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Altered Christmas Jean!

I loved crafting a special item for Jean Moore the wonderful energy filled force behind AlteredPages! Jean is filled with so much positive ideas for women. She knows how far we have come and that this is really only the beginning. I used one of altered pages collage sheets to show a young female factory worker in the sweat shop pausing for a moment to reflect on the Dream! I hope that we all continue the journey and pursue our dreams of equality, equal pay and enjoyment of many of the rights that our ancestors fought  for women.
I used chipboard for my base. I coated it with white gesso from AlteredPages. I used a stamp from one of the Box o' Rubber from AlteredPages. I also used the Antique Sewing collage sheet from AP. I used my on hand eBrush to do the red tint and the oversprayed it with the black marker. I used an on hand wand stamp. The glitter effect was created by using some glitter mixed with Art Anthology Crystals from AlteredPages. I used another on hand stamp for the word dream but used my Delicata silver stamp pad and also my favorite StazOn jet black ink pad! I used an on hand adhesive for all. I then coated with a layer of Crystal Lacquer waiting tilll it thicken and drawing my brush through it for brush strokes!I added some gel pen color to make the focal areas of interest as well.

I love the cool products that AlteredPages carries. The products make my expression of art so much fun!

Jean thank you so much for all and I hope that you enjoy your book!

You can see all of the links for the pages in Jean's book here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow Globe Tag!

Altered Snow Globe Tag!

I have always bought my mom Snow Globes for her Christmas present. She loves them so. Unfortunately hurricanes took away her home and also her large collections of Snow Globes. So I make this fun tag for her! I know that she will treasure it, It will have a double meaning to us both. I hope that your holidays are filled with love and caring. I hope you enjoy my post!
Here is the video link to my creative process:

I love Alteredpages and would love a gift certificate or present from them! If you are like me don’t forget to leave your list out so others can find it. Have wonderful and happy Holidays!
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mushroom Fairy Clock!

Mushroom Fairy Clock! With AlteredPages and Sincity Stamps carries some of the most creative tools for the crafter. I also love  the artsy inspiration of their designers! This month we paired with SinCity Stamps and the projects have been incredible. I hope that you enjoy mine!

2014-08-20 16.01.24

My video for this month is a  project using  a recycled paper towel roll, I also have some crazy surprises for you!  I hope you enjoy my tutorial!

Supplies include:



SinCity Stamps

On hand Supplies:

  • Spectrum Noir markers
  • hot glue
  • Plaid clock works (had on hand)
  • a variety of papers
  • LEDs and wiring and batteries


AlteredPages and SinCity Stamps

I hope you enjoy my video. Please give me a thumbs up and/or leave a comment! Thank you so much, Debi!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Who, Who, Who’s Got the Button

Who, Who, Who’s Got the Button!

Altered Pages Design Team
has joined the
Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog
Design Team for Challenge #14
Button It in a UP Blog Hop!
I love buttons and have hundreds of them. I also love birds and we won’t go there. I did make my project in memorial to a bird that was so beautiful. I got a call in the middle of the night about an Owl that had been struck by a car. I have been involved with pet bird rescue for years and can’t seem to get people to understand that I don’t do wild bird rescue but heck sometimes you just have to do what is right. So off I went.
He didn’t make it but I was so taken by his beauty that I made my button project to celebrate his beauty. My creation is not to made to be a copy but only a reminder of the beauty which is wild and free.
2014-08-13 23.59.39
Crafters of every type can be button hoarders! Buttons are pretty, inexpensive, and extremely versatile. If you are a card maker, quilter, layout artist, or anything in between, you probably have a button hoard! Buttons come in many sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, plus they are easy to store...usually in cute containers! Pull out those bins of buttons and use some of them for your challenge project!  You can participate in the Craft Hoarders Challenge and win a prize from the blog sponsor... Altered Pages!
Leaving comments during the AlteredPages and Craft Hoarders blog hop allows you to be entered into a random drawing for an AlteredPages Blog Gift - a Set of Japanese Oil Pastels and a huge Ephemera package.
these are the AlteredPages Design Team members and their take on buttons!
YOU ARE HERE: Debi Tullier
We have joined the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Design Team to find the links to their posts visit Craft Hoarders blog !
Amber Milone
Christy Butters
Debbie Seyer
Donna Idlet
Ginny Nemchak
Glenda Brooks
Gloria Stengel
Jan Marie Ennenga
Karen Zueger
Kathy Clement
Pam Bray
Tammi Bennett
To participate in the challenge and to find out more about the rules and to enter your project go to the following:
My Who Who Who has the Button was created with buttons and several items available from .
2014-08-14 00.01.01
Paper Towel Roll
Buttons for eyes and feet
Markers to color white buttons
Craftwell eBrush
handmade paper for chest feathers
baby ball trim available from AlteredPages
Wooden disc for stand
woven plastic from dog food bag
Doily Paper for eye rings from AlteredPages
Gold foil for beak
I had many of the items I used on hand but was so delighted that I had received the beautiful paper that had a doily design on it from AlteredPages. It made my project come to life!
First I cut a paper towel roll to make a pillow case out of one end.
I completed the “owl” body with another piece of roll cut down the middle and shaped into wings.
Next I used my eBrush to spray brown marker over the surface of the paper roll.
If you don’ t have an eBrush don’t worry just take your marker and lightly color it.
I selected several buttons to use to construct my “Owl”. Those that need to be in a specific color I used my on hand markers to tint them.
I love the design of doilies on this paper from AlteredPages for my Owl’s eye rings. They really do bring it all together!
I used the Baby Ball Trim from AlteredPages to really add some cool texture to my project. I also used an adhesive spray to cover the trim with the beautiful glitter from AlteredPages.
I had on hand some handmade papers that  I used to make the feathers on his chest. I am so happy with my outcome. I hope you enjoy my project and I am looking forward to seeing yours too!
Best of Luck with the Crafter Hoaders Challenge!